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I am sick and tired of all the BONE HEADS who have, no idea about road rules, and no respect for cyclists. Rather than try and dent their car with my fist I think it's far more productive to publish a BONE HEAD

This guy on his bike really takes the cake, my wife first thought he was going to run the red light but then he just stops in the middle of the road, the truck goes by sounding its horn, the guy doesn't flinch, balls of steel i say, and for that he now has the prestigious title of being KING BONE HEAD. I thought EOIN Cameron of 720 ABC would take some beating but it didn't take long. I've emailed Eoin the good news.

Believe it or not this guy rides a bike he says, i didn't indicate he reckons. He has just driven over the top of me around the corner. I didn't even know he had a trailer we were that close to the light until i turned around. Even if i didn't indicate that means i could be going straight doesn't it. why is it necessary that the vehicle is on such an angle too. The set of lights are 10 meters from the corner and he is overtaking around the corner on the other side of the road and he rides a bike. Shouldn't he know better, you only have to look at the angle of the car and tyre to see how much he had to cut the corner, and he is sharing the road? I beg to differ, Another cyclist on the front page of boneheadbustercam. Surely as a cyclist you would know that overtaking around a corner with a trailer is unnerving and if i'm not indicating, could i be going straight, i ask again why does the driver who is a cyclist have to over take 10 meters from a red light around a corner while towing a trailer, and use the other side of the road to do it.

I reckon the guy on the bike is the guy in the car, it's the same mentality, stuff everyone else, i'm not indicating so that's ok for him to cut the corner and park on a sharp angle next to me with a trailer. I hate to see how he rides his bike, oh hang on that could be him!!!!

This guy is a deserved representative of this website, he has no respect for any other road users, no respect for the law, just you genuine ignorant, arrogant, asshole!!!! Publicly shaming this guy is the only solution i have to the way he rides his bike.


I've been riding every day to work for the best part of 4 years. I do on average about 180Kms a week on the road and 80 kms on the cycle path. In that time I have come to the realisation that 1/3 of WA drivers just has no respect for cyclists. Rather than try and dent their car hammer fisting it I'm going to publish them.


This website is dedicated to all the BONE HEAD drivers in Perth