This guy is a danger to himself and everyone else on the road, i have no idea what to do about him, i have posted this pic on facebook. While he continues to ride like he does our regulators will not do anything about protecting cyclists.

This bone head runs the red light, I knew what she was going to doso that is why i stopped. I was heading straight so had i have kept going i'm sure i would have ended up under the car.

Bus TP 1710 just doesn't seem to have the full respect for the vulnerability of a cyclist, in my opinion. The other Bus 1855 seems to. I wonder why one does and one doesn't. I'm going to send the footage to the TPA and ask what the policy is. I'm doing 40 and AWSOME overtakes, well tries to, the only problem the bus in front of me. Again there seems to be a lack of appreciation for the vulnerability of a cyclist.

I found this to be very unerving, the car comes from behind and ends up almost on top of me. I find it hard to believe they did not see me, i do believe they did not acknowledge me. I believe there is a difference. If our law said "If you hit a cyclist it's your fault" in my opinion this driver would not drive like this.

This driver just rams into the kerb, i lodged a complaint, my fault because i was in front of the line and took off too quickly. It is a Policy of the PTA to mow down and mutilate cyclists beyond recognition because the bus must be on time. It really goes to show the mentality of so many people in Perth have towards cyclists. For some reason once you put lycra on and ride your bike on a Perth road you get treated like a Parasite. Our Honourable Minister Harvey is ok with that.

Missytk sounds her horn as she passes, enacting the Marshall law declared against cyclists by Colin Barnett. He is why there is such hate for cyclists on Perth roads, Col is still in the 1950s and doesn't want people riding their bikes on Perth roads. Col wants congestion so he can charge more taxes. Col has to go, while he is in charge cyclists will die on Perth roads  IMO

Just another typical Perth driver that values the life of a cyclist at less than zero, they know i'm there but they just don't give a stuff, what does Minister Harvey say, too hard to do anything about it. In Perth this sort of driving is just your standard issue accepted practice on how to treat a cyclist, or should i say parasite.

These two arsehole Perth drivers ran me off the road on the 20/11/2014, IMO MY07 is recording me that is why they don't pass. Too much initiative required for this blond lass at our Bayswater police station. The lass lead me to believe that i should have been on the path. I have been in that station 5 times now, all they ever seem interested in is the things i have done wrong. It is like they don't want me on the road either, too much paper work or something. If i ever see either of these two vehicles they will get feedback.