This guy sounds his horn as he passes, at the time it felt like the hull was right on top of me, the clarity of the pic is a good indication of the proximity of the hull to me.

This driver just roars past, they just don't seem to give a stuff. What do our current laws say about that, zippo, zilcho a duck!!!!!!

This BONEHEAD overtakes under brakes approaching a red light, i go in front to show the same respect and courtesy so they then pass with 6 inches to spare. It's low speed but it's disrespectful and disdained and just not necessary. If i was a car would they do it?

First the BONE HEAD on the bike runs the red light than along comes a BONE HEAD in a car not 10 seconds later.

This BONE HEAD roars up from behind, i'm a bit slow on the take off, probably a good thing, the driver just doesn't give a stuff, drives in the bus lane, just doesn't give a stuff!!

It is peak hour but i am allowed to ride on the road, i am trying to go as fast as i can, not fast enough.

This driver doesn't give a stuff, just roars through, speeding for mine, with a car in the right lane turning right, shouts some abuse too boot. Real nice guy, someone you hope your daughter brings home, yeah just like you want a hole in your head.

This guy sounds his horn as he passes, I'm doing 39 maybe 40, i had to dodge a piece of fixed road, it just happened to be as he passes. There is only him and i on a dual lane road. I got a fright from his horn so i gave him the bird, he then uses his car a lethal weapon to intimidate me.