These 2 guys and a couple of guys on the path on the top right in the fluorescent yellow and grey made me feel very nervous. I have no idea if they are related parties but i was very nervous. The truck the florescent yellow topped guy got out of was left running. If was a refrigerated truck.

This guy didn't like my Guernsey, once i showed him i had him on camera he showed much more respect and passed safely. I reported him to the dockers but they reckon the car doesn't belong to the club.

This guy has just got no idea, didn't even look in his mirror to see if he was going to mince me. I did get a bit upset and let fly with a few profanities. If i was a car he would have stayed behind me but because I'm on a bike he can mince me!!!! I am going to hound our honorable Minister Harvey to put something in place that requires this driver to do some kind of educational session so he then has the skills to do better next time.

Check this BONE HEAD out, he drives aggressively trying to intimidate me, bring it on is what i tell him with a few expletives. There is no car in the right lane yet this BONE HEAD chooses to drive right up behind me, sound his horn, then pass 1/2 a foot away. Our honorable Minister Liz Harvey chooses to do nothing about this, i saw where the driver parked and i soooooooo wanted to debate with them but common sense was telling me nothing good was going to come out if it because if i retaliate that ratifies the driving as ok and then i am the one that suffers consequences. It's the front and back view now, the front mic picks up my feedback to the driver.

Check this BONE HEAD out, they push in going around the corner then deliberately slow down, intimidating driving with a lethal weapon. Concrete evidence that our finest are just not interested it, there is a saying "the fish rots at the head" that i think may be appropriate in that situation.