This Grove Communications BONE HEAD passed doing 65+, which is not lawful and probably only about 5 inches. It's a wide angle lense and that's a nice pic of the phone number. That car was close and for no good reason other than being a BONE HEAD!!
This BONE HEAD scared the bjesus out of me, they sounded their horn as they passed. There was 3 lanes, no other cars, they were far enough away but still did not pass safely. It is actually an offence to unnecessarily sound your horn.
The BONE HEAD truck driver on the other side of the road was shouting at me, get off the road, get on the path, plus a few other choice words. You can't hear it on the camera.
This BONE HEAD driver is trying to overtake entering a roundabout. There are 8 riders in front of me. They driver nearly has a head on too as another car turns left around the corner. A thorough bred BONE HEAD!!!!!
This BONEHEAD passed about 1 foot away. I sent him a text message explaining what passing safely is. I will try an email as well.