This BONE HEAD drives up from behind and then drives right next to me, they are virtually right on top of me, i gave the driver feedback and then they backed off. This driver needs to go back to the basics and learn how to drive. I would recommend they re do their learners which includes a not negotiable skill, being able to pass a cyclist safely.

This BONE HEAD has come around the corner on the phone, he has dropped his phone like a hot coal when he saw me go for my camera. I'm going to ask our Minisrter for Police Liza Harvey if there is anything her office can do to bust this guy.

Check this BONE HEAD out, the driver is determined to get in front and turn on top of me until they realise they are going to run me over. You can see in the footage that they are aware of my presence by the slight left movement as they take off. All the other cars are left in their wake, they just have to be in front. I've got my rear tail light flashing, i've got a hawks Guernsey on, i've sitting there for 3 or 4 minutes, they know i'm there but yet they have to be in front. One word RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately i don't have footage of the BONE HEAD behind the wheel of the vehicle registration number 1Jon2020, 5th August 2014 7.20 am heading west on Cambridge St where it intersects with the Boulevard. He seemed pretty determined to mow us down, he passed me with 1 foot to spare. There was another too with Andrew i thought he was a goner, mowed down from behind, i started shouting at him, the driver back off at the last minute, there was another too. Something in the water today that affected a lot of Perth's drivers. 5th August 2014 between 6.30 and 7.30 am.

This guy is in a real hurry, i found his driving quite UN-nerving, there are vehicles on the verge on the left, an island on the right and he just barges through. I;ve been hounding our honourable minister Liza Harvey to do something about this type of driver. In my opinion there are over 100,000 perth drivers that drive like this, they just don't give a stuff if they maim/kill a cyclist, because the damn nuisance just shouldn't be there, even though the law says we can. Unfortunately for us the current laws don't do anything about this type of driver so it's up to us to defend ourselves as we see fit.

A damn pedestrian sets off a chain of events that makes this guy in the red car honk and shout abuse at me. If he was watching the road instead of me he would have seen the car in front of me brake, stop and then slowly go around the corner. The driver of the red car would had to have stopped otherwise they would have run into the back of the car. All the way to my office in Mt lawley we exchange pleasantries. He drops the subtle hint a few times "I'm in a car your on a bike, we all know what happens there" I got to my office first.

This BONE HEAD misses me by inches with his mirror "your OK" he reckons, "it's all the room i had" "what else was i supposed to do" How about pass safely mate, if you can't don't. I have lodged a complaint with snap, but it was with head office in NSW so i'm not holding my breath!!! I'm glad i didn't Richard of Snap who did not have/had not seen, the pictures, movie or number plate. Ratified the driving as A OK, no case to answer. That's encouraging isn't it. Snap are OK with drivers driving SNAP labelled vehicles as they see fit which includes risking the lives of vulnerable road users, to get the job done.

Check this Perth driver out, the rider who is behind me could pass the driver $50 through the window they are that close. It's not me shouting either. I have a still pic of the rider with his mouth wide open as evidence it's not me shouting.

This girl was on the phone, i pointed at her as she drove up and she just continued to talk on the phone. I removed my front camera from the bike and started filming, once she saw the camera she dropped the phone like a hot cake.