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This fat oxygen thieving piece of shit thought it was a good idea to sound his horn and shout abuse because i was obviously an inconvenience to him. The fact that the law says i can be there and that it also says he must pass safely seems completely irrelevant to him. How sounding your horn and shouting abuse can be safe is beyond me. Also what does he think will happen with such an act, especially when there is a red light 50 meters up the road. His car would have been the 6th one I've tried to dent but for him veering across 2 lanes to get the hell out of there.

This bone head passes within about 1/2 a foot.
This bone head roars through on the inside, i've got no margin for error, he would have been 1/2 a metre away doing 60+. You can see how close he is to the taxi. The driver has made a conscious decision that they just don't give a stuff about the cyclist that is nothing more than a inconvenience and thus a free target.
This all electrical van rego number 1DKP131 was doing about 75 when it passed about 1/2 a metre away. I've left a message on the phone number.
This bone head couldn't wait for me to go past the corner, he had to get in front. I was doing 40 and he just turns left from the right lane. There is no way in hell i was backing off. The vehicle was about 3 meters in front of me as it goes around the corner, he had to hang it. You can see the back of it as i pass the T intersection.
This 2RICHARDS BONE HEAD passed with about 3 inches to spare, he will get his you can guarantee that.

These two truck drivers just didn't appreciate how fast i was going. I had good momentum and a tail wind. I was doing 40+ most of the way. You can see the cars aren't going past very fast. I got a good look at the tyres of both trucks

This BONE HEAD passed doing 75+ right up the ass of the car in front of him, the truck was less than 10 inches from me as it passed.