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my first bone head.wmv my first bone head.wmv
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This driver is my first BONE HEAD, the vehicle was right on top of me and the passenger shouted at me. I got such a fright my heart rate went from 145 to 170 instantly, I went into fight mode but the gutless BONE HEAD DRIVER ran the red light 50 meters up the road.

white car.wmv white car.wmv
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This driver must have been in a real hurry, a fair bit of carry on. Most of the time we are doing high 30s, if not 40. There are 8 riders in front of me, we go through roundabouts, pass islands, it's a built up area so the speed limit is only 50. I just can't work out what they are trying to achieve with all the carry on. Maybe the 12 of us needed to stop, get off, and get out of the way. I can't find that rule in the road rules anywhere. It must be one of the BONE HEAD DRIVER rules that only BONE HEAD DRIVERS know about.

Overtaking in a roundabout.wmv Overtaking in a roundabout.wmv
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These BONE HEAD DRIVERS think it's safe to pass in roundabouts. The lady in the first car wasn't as close to taking me out as the second guy was but still i had to avoid her. They come from behind, they know I'm there, but they pass like I'm not. I say they know I'm there because they go around me then proceed to just cut me off because there is know where else to go. I have to slow down or i get run over. Again i can't find the rule in the road rules so it must be one of those BONE HEAD DRIVER rules.

I changed my BONEHEADBUSTERCAM to a contour one after the first three videos because the quality was poor, the footage is much clearer now.

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This Bone Head passed within inches of me, just a total disdain for me as a cyclist
This Bone Head decided to turn left in front of me from behind.
This Bone Head drove next to me while doing 40+ kph, probably about 1 foot from me, you can't see it in the video but the car is right next to me for at least 5 seconds.
This Bone Head would have to be the KING so far, he speeds past not once but twice and just to be sure sounds his horn the second time (5.20 min in), unfortunately no audio. At the end of the clip it is a red light i went down the middle of the traffic to make sure i could get in front for a clear picture of the number plate. At the red light i move off with the traffic and i can't go any faster than the vehicle in front of me. The Driver moves left and then right, there is nowhere for him to go because there is an island and a left turning lane on the left and a truck in front of me. I am not trying to block him i am simply moving with traffic, i move left once in the intersection to give the maniac plenty of room to pass.
This dude has the 2 basic fundamentals of a BONE HEAD 1)Ignorance 2)Arrogance. He came up from behind and just parked right in front of me. I had to now wait for him to move off on the green light, even though i was there first. He was slow and wobbly, i don't know if karma played a part there. I took off like i normally would, i was hoping to bump into him but just missed. Some would say that his actions are typically those of a triathlete, i hope not. Unfortunately i have deleted the video so i can only put a pic up.
This driver just decided they didn't care if they knocked me off. A foot is probably far enough to say not that close but to me they felt very close and it was unsafe. It is exactly this type of driver that inspired me to do this website. If you pass like you think it's ok to kill me, i think it's ok to post you on my BONEHEAD website.