A couple of aussie mates in the city.

The white SUV BONE HEAD decided to sound their horn and slow considerably to shout abuse, the truck changing lane has to brake suddenly to avoid them, surely that is hoon behaviour, our honourable minister is putting new laws in place, why shouldn't they apply to this BONE HEAD, the driver is trying to intimidate me with a lethal weapon.

This senior Australian female reckons that she didn't try to kill me, i was trying to kill myself by being in her way, First she tries to run me off the road by changing lanes on top of me when i'm doing 50kmph, then she passes about a foot away sounding her horn. Again this is aggressive driver behaviour trying to intimidate another road user with a lethal weapon, why is it not hoon behaviour.

This driver came roaring up from way back, you could hear they floored it from a mile away. The driver just had to get in front. Up the road the red light is only 50 meters away. BONE HEAD!!!!!

This BONE HEAD just couldn't wait, they has to overtake regardless of how unsafe for us it was. We were doing fifty, the dual lane is about 15 seconds away but oh no we can't wait that long.

Check this BONE HEAD out, he roars past trying to make the light, it turns orange but he thinks stuff i'm gunning it, i think he forgot i was there because his tray got very close. 2 offences here 1)not passing safely, 2)running an orange light. I've asked my new mate Liz Harvey if she is going to do anything about it, i was going to start hold my breath when i clicked send but then i thought better of it.

I can't get the number plate off this BONE HEADS car, the driver didn't give a stuff, in too much of a hurry, damn cyclist in my way at 5.40 in the morning. There was a ute in the right lane that wasn't go much faster than me. This BONE HEAD roared through the little gap in between the ute and i, in spite of the slow point road humps put in place to SLOW driver down.