This BONE HEAD doesn't give a stuff, passes about 1 foot away at speed. They will get theirs!!!

When this BONE HEAD pulled up behind me something told me to turn the cameras on. I found this to be so intimidating and frightening, i'm going to bombard our minister and the road safety council until they do something about this type of driver. I am seriously thinking about carrying a weapon so i can defend myself against this type of driver.

This BONE HEAD missed me by inches with his mirror. "Oh yeah sorry mate" he reckons. Too much of a hurry and doesn't give a stuff. Unfortunately i didn't have my camera on for the footage. I was in the left lane at the Brisbane st lights on Beaufort St. A truck was in the right lane, the left lane is blocked further up the road. I take off and this BONE HEAD roars through between me and the truck. I have reported him to GCS rental but tracking the driver down could be difficult because it is a lease vehicle.

This BONE HEAD has no idea, they drive up from behind, virtually park on top of me then just drive over the top when the light goes green. I was hoping to debate with this driver but i got no favourable red lights. Our current laws are responsible for this type of driver. Their mentality is "If i hit that cyclist it's ok because they shouldn't be there". What they should be thinking is "If i hit that cyclist it's my fault" I have been bombarding my new mate Liz Harvey but to date i have achieved nothing. It's ok i will never die wondering!!!!!!

This BONEHEAD just had no idea how to deal with the situation at hand. There is a truck in the right lane and me in the left lane, the driver wants to get through, there is not enough room so they drive inches from me. I could feel the car with the hairs on my legs. I confronted the driver, completely oblivious to what they did, however they did agree that they were stupid. Once again i blame our current laws, there is just no guidance for this type of driver about how to deal with such a situation.

This BONE HEAD pulls up next to me then takes off in front of me then just stops and blocks my way. He would have known fully he was pulling in in a short distance but can he wait, oh no not for a cyclist. This guy is you typical BONE HEAD who couldn't merge to save his life, doesn't give a stuff about anyone else, just your every day oxygen thieving loser.

This LOSER BONE HEAD sounded his horn to send a message, scared the shit out of me it did.

This BONE HEAD is a senior Australian Female, there is 3 senior Australians in the car, 2 in the front, male and female, and a female in the back. The female in the back shouts abuse not once but twice. Why the driver had to drive right on top of me has me absolutely bemused. I blame our current road laws because there is nothing that offers cyclists any protection. My mate Liz will be getting a link to the movie, Liz needs to see what's going on at the coal face. While the status remains quo i will protect myself as i see fit!!!!